A 4 Step Guide on How to Buy Bitcoin in Canada

Buy Bitcoin in Canada

Buying and selling Bitcoins in Canada can be a challenging pursuit, as most banks and regulators have not grasped the concept of Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. But in Canada, you can buy and sell Bitcoins and Ethereum through an online exchange platform known as QuadrigaCX. You can also leverage Coinbase if you wish just to buy Bitcoin using credit or debit card. So, if you’re reading this, you’re in the right place because we are going to tell you the steps to take to buy and sell Bitcoins in Canada through QuadrigaCX. Let’s drive in:

Verify your identity to buy and sell Bitcoins through QuadrigaCX

Under the Canadian ‘’Know your customer and anti-money laundering laws,’’ you must verify your identity before you start trading Bitcoins. To verify your identity, simply go to QuadrigaCX home page, and register your details. In the registration form, you will be required to enter the account type (personal), mail address, first name, last name, date of birth, and country of residence. You’ll then be directed to continue to another page where you’ll be required to enter a password and transaction ID. Once you hit the complete button, you’re now registered.

Verify your details on the QuadrigaCX platform to be able to trade Bitcoins

Verification of your details is a requirement for any legitimate monetary exchange platform. So you’ll be required to verify the details you’ve just entered. Some people are not able to verify their details. There is a way to withdraw without having to verify your details. But you can avoid the trouble by just verifying them. The beautiful thing about QuadrigaCX is that it has numerous funding and withdrawal options to allow you to buy and sell different cryptocurrencies in ways that suit you.

Funding your QuadrigaCX Bitcoin account

This platform offers a host of funding options. However, specific funding options require that you verify your account. You can fund your account by choosing your preferred funding option from electronic fund transfer, bank wire, voucher, Crypto Capital and INTERACT Online.

Withdrawing from your QuadrigaCX Bitcoin account

QuadrigaCX offers numerous withdrawal options. However, you are not compelled to verify your account before you use any withdrawal options here. Some of the withdrawals options include Rapid Bank Transfer, Express Bank Transfer, Cash Delivery, Check, Direct Bank Transfer, PayPal, CriptoCapital, and voucher.

That’s how simple it is to trade Bitcoins on QuadrigaCX platform.  So if you’ve been wondering where to buy Bitcoin in Canada, QuadrigaCX is one of the best platforms out there.

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